Residents Say Smoke Detectors Didn't Work During Tuesday Fire

"I  know without a doubt that I probably would have died in my sleep, and that's a scary thing." What's even scarier, the thought of not knowing a fire is going through your apartment, and the one thing, a smoke detector,designed to help save your life, is not working. That's exactly what Kimberly Bendaw says happened to her Tuesday night. "I thought that when smoke was there it would have went off but it didn't."
Lightning from Tuesday's severe weather not only ignitied a blaze that engulfed an entire building at the Greenacres Village apartments in Bossier City,it also cut off the power. Kim and her sister didn't find out why the detector didn't work until after the fire. "I went to the apartment complex and they informed me that these smoke detectors are electrically hardwired." Which means once the power was gone, so was the smoke detector. Amy Baker wants to know why she was never told. "How is that safe, how is that legal?"
That's because it is legal. This building was built back in 1975 years before new ordinances required buildings with hard wired detectors to have back up batteries as well." Mark Natale, spokesman for Bossier City Fire Department, says because the complex was grandfathered in, they only have hardwired detectors.
Amy Baker, a resident of the complex says, "Most residents there are probably not aware that those smoke detectors are electrically wired."