Flooding Hits Shreveport; Shelter Opening; Several Streets Closed

Massive heavy rains that hit northwest Louisiana Tuesday night have wrecked havoc in Shreveport/Bossier, causing flash flooding, stalled cars and possibly one death.
The Northwest Louisiana Red Cross is also preparing a shelter at a Shreveport Church for people flooded out of their homes in one neighborhood.
Also, numerous streets in Shreveport are closed because of high water. They are:
Grimmett at Common
Caddo at Common
Linwood at 3132 (Terry Bradshaw Passway)
70th at Fern
Kingston & Mt. Zion to Bert Kouns
Valleyview at Mansfield
3131 at W. 70th
Police warn that any road could be covered with water and drivers need to be extremely cautious.

Shreveport Police say people need to stay off the roads unless it's an emergency and ask that you not call 911 unless it's a life and death situation.
Police are investigating one death that occurred Tuesday night in the 600 block of Euclid. Initial reports show the victim may have drowned, but at this time that's not confirmed.
Meanwhile the American Red Cross is in the process of opening up a shelter because of all the people who are displaced.
Police and fire officials have been going door to door throughout Shreveport and Bossier rescuing people from their homes and cars due to the high water, especially in the Dixie Gardens area of Shreveport.
The shelter is opening at the University Church of Christ, located at 2045 East 70th Street in Shreveport.
If you need help getting there you can call 865-9545 or 865-9546.
They hope to have this shelter opened by 12:30 and are working to get workers and food there now.
The shelter is open to people who live in Shreveport and Bossier.