Five People Arrested In Connection With Vivian Shooting

Five people are now in jail in connection with a shooting that happened in Vvian, Louisiana last week.

The shooting occurred in the 300 block of East Pardue Street. According to Caddo Sheriff's investigators, four of the five men, 31-year-old Michael Duncan, 26-year-old Jemome Bradford, 24-year-old Brandon Thomas and 25-year-old Robert Shepard, showed up at the home with bats and two by fours to settle an ongoing dispute.

Investigators say the group was confronting 29-year-old Fresco Easter and and a friend of his. Easter allegedly pulled out a handgun and fired it but then dropped it when he fled the scene. Duncan was shot in the right forearm.

Investigators later determined Easter's gun had been stolen in Vivian in 2002.

The men's charges range from illegal possession of a firearm to aggravated assault.