Catalytic Converter Thefts

It's a trend happening all across the country, but there's been a rash of thefts here in Shreveport as well. The thieves are looking to cash in on some expensive metals, they find these metals in the catalytic converter on some vehicles. On some cars it's available to any thief willing to get under your car, with a hacksaw.  "They cut it up here somewhere, whatever is convenient for them, because this is what they want," says a mechanic as he points to the exhaust system in a toyota four runner. The catalytic converter is a part that apparently carries platinum, and rhodium. "The last time I checked rhodium was going for 9,000 dollars an ounce, and there is not an ounce indide any of these, in fact it's not a get rich scheme, for some reason everyone thinks that it is," says Shreveport Police Detective Roger Courtney. He investigates metal theft and believes the rash of converter thefts are connected to an operation of buying and selling across the country. "The word I'm getting is that they're paying 150 dollars for these things and taking them out of state," says Courtney. The converter alone costs between a thousand and 1500 dollars. Going without it doesn't necessarily hurt your car, just the environment and maybe your ears. "Well, when he started it up, it made this loud roaring noise, and we realized something was really wrong, says Patsy Dubois, the owner of home furnishings store, Home Again. She says her delivery truck was hit back in January. "It had happened all up and down Youree Drive that same weekend," says Dubois. She was out thousands of dollars to replace it, and money for a rental truck. "It probably cost a few deliveries as well? "Exactly, we had a couple of days down time," says Dubois. "Right now we don't have any information that tells us it's anyone from Shreveport doing this but it could be," says Courtney. T

Thieves typically don't want to work too hard or stay too long to get one of the converters, so it might be beneficial for a car owner to have a mechanic make it harder to steal, and those are some trade secrets that we won't publish.