Cleanup Begins After Storms Hit Beckville, TX

People who live in Beckville, Texas have already begun to clean up the pieces after a storm blew through around noon Friday.

One home lost its front porch and roof. The people who live inside have moved to safer ground.

Crews have also started clearing away trees from off the roadways. People in the area were keeping an eye on the news, knowing the weather was about to get bad.

"They had a time predicted that it was going to hit and it was very close and I was prepared and it was very scary," said Beckville Resident Jan Cardwell.

Another resident said, "We heard it on the news that the storm was coming, I made room for all of us to get in the closet and we were sitting in their and we got a call that it had hit."

The people who live in this area are without power, and it could be a few days before it's restored.

Meanwhile an official with the National Weather Service will be in town Saturday to determine if a tornado caused all this damage.