Gov. Jindal Warns Lawmakers About Pork Barrel Projects

It may be one of the boldest and bravest moves any governor in Louisiana has ever made.
Governor Bobby Jindal is warning legislators in advance that he will veto any money earmarked for projects that don't meet tough new requirments. Some law makers aren't happy about the new change.
There are 137 funding requests lawmakers from across the state have made for projects back home. Ranging from $10,000 for the Jackson Council on Aging to $15-million for the Second Harvest Food Bank. The list goes on and on.
Jindal has now sent letters to the chairmen of the major senate and house finance committes warning them he will veto ear mark and so-called "pork barrel" projects if they do not meet his new criteria.
Representative Barbara Norton of Shreveport wants $154,000 to continue running the Urban Support Agency and another $570,000 for Socialization Services. Both agencies provide elderly services and after school and community enrichment programs. The bulk of the money is earmarked for salaries.
Representative Norton says the programs will just have to meet the standards.
State Representative Nobel Ellington of Winnsboro has submitted more than $1.2 million in requests for programs back home, including $785,000 for Fresh Start Outreach Ministries" for drug and alcohol addiction, and $25,000 for the Catfish Festival.
He says he and other legislators will likely be talking with the governor about the new rules.
But Governor Jindal says it's not just about tax payers dollars being unwisely used, it's about taxpayers dollars disappearing into pockets where they did not belong.
Governor Jindal will have to wait and see which programs lawmakers approve before deciding which ones he'll veto.
For a full list of the programs for which legislators want money, how much they want, and what they're designed to do, click here. When the page opens, click 'View All.'