Only On KSLA News 12: Police Capture Man On The Run

We arrived on scene before the paramedics -- just in time to talk with the captured man.
His name is Patrick Williams.
He spoke only to KSLA News 12 about why he was on the run.
Patrick William's arm was one of the first things we saw when arriving on Kenneth Street in Shreveport.

Ben Wolf: "Why'd you run?"
Williams: "I didn't know what they wanted."
Ben Wolf: "So you ran?"
Patrick Williams
: "Yeah."
Police Officer: "He's got a warrant for burglary too."
Patrick Williams: "I didn't know what they wanted. They scared the hell out of me."

We also saw Williams threaten a police officer when authorities tried to get him out of a deputy marshal's car so medics could treat his injuries.
Shreveport police and a city marshal's deputy converged on Williams in the Lakeside Area.
Officers say Williams has a felony warrant for burglary and he is an unregistered sex offender.

Ben Wolf: "What about your warrant?"
Williams: "I don't know anything about it. I'll beat it, the burglary charge cause I didn't do [a] burglary."

Police say they've been looking for Williams for the past week.
They tell KSLA News 12 someone in the Lakeside neighborhood tipped them off that they had seen him.
Officers spotted Williams and chased him through the neighborhood until he ran into a wooded area and they were forced to use their police dog.
"The dog had to go and take him in custody cause he started moving away from the Marshal here and the Marshal tried to get him at gunpoint. He wasn't lying down for him," says Shreveport Police Officer Christopher Yarborough.
Much of Williams' family says they live on the street where police captured him.
"The crime that he did was wrong but I mean I really don't know what to say. We lost my grandmother two weeks ago so I know that's kind of hard on him," says his niece Shannon Williams. 
Medics treated Williams' injuries at the scene.
Then a deputy marshal took him to LSU Hospital.
They will book him in the Shreveport City Jail when he's released.
Story By Ben Wolf