Updated: Second Miller County Escapee Caught

One Miller County jail escapee continues to elude authorities.
Three inmates got out of the county jail early Sunday by squeezing through a small hole they created by removing bars and glass from a window. 
One of the escapees was discovered at a friends house Sunday. KSLA News 12 has now learned that James Williams was caught Tuesday night by Texarkana, Texas police on Allen Street.  Deputies are still looking for Demarcus Cooks.  The three men were missing for 15 hours before anyone even noticed. 
KSLA News 12 has learned that the jail has taken administrative action against some of the employees for the incident.
Jail Administrator Janice Nicholson said, "(It's) still under investigation, but we are going to release two employees and send two home without pay because they weren't doing the headcount the right way, and if they had, they would have discovered the escapees a lot sooner, (and) found them before they did."
Randall Plattner, one of the escapees was apprehended at a friends house in Hooks, Texas. He said at the time, he didn't know who planned the escape.
Authorities are also looking for a Jeep Liberty in connection with the escape. They believe someone on the outside helped the men escape.