Police Pull Out All the Stops to Catch Suspected Burglar

A helicopter, canine officers and high-powered rifles were all part of an effort to catch up with a suspected burglar in west Shreveport Monday morning.
   The search had the outward appearance of a manhunt for a murderer.  However, the man at the center of that search, Lyndell Procell, 45, was wanted for breaking into at least one vending machine inside a motel on Financial Plaza Circle.
  "He's probably done some other stuff." said Sgt. John Stalnaker.  "We just don't know the other stuff that he's broken into yet."
  Officers began looking for Procell around 3:30 a. m. Monday after receiving a report about the theft at the Comfort Suites in the 5700 block of Financial Plaza.  At one point, as many as a dozen officers--including a canine unit-- surrounded the immediate area.
  Police arrested a woman, but a male suspect got away.  They temporarily called off the search for him, but resumed it about three hours later.
  "One of our officers was patrolling the area and saw (Procell) run across (Highway) 3132," said Stalnaker.  "He ran onto the airport grounds."
  Stalnaker said backup officers--including a canine unit and a helicopter--were called in to help with the second search.  They created a perimeter around a wooded area of the airport grounds near the National Weather Service center, just off Interstate 20.
  Even with support on the ground and in the air, officers had trouble locating Procell.  Finally, a construction worker in the area spotted him and notified police.
  "He was running from one patch of wooded area to another patch and we were able to get some officers over there again," Stalnaker said.
  Procell was taken into custody.  He faces several charges, possibly including federal charges for trespassing on airport property.
  Story by Katrina Webber