Alleged Cat Burglars Sought

The Sheriff's Office is investigating what it calls a strange case of cat burglaries in the parish, Investigators say a couple, at least once, maybe even twice has burglarized homes, while their victims slept. "That's unusual," says Sheriff Steve Prator, "Also that you've got a male and a female, a team that's doing it." The team according to Sheriff  Prator is made up of 25 year old Brian Kunkel and 21 year old Roxan Grogen.  A warrant for their arrest has been issued.  When asked if they are dangerous Sheriff Prator responds "Certainly, they would steal guns from homes, they're breaking in in the middle of the night, so I would consider them very dangerous, I would consider them armed," says Prator. Grogan and Krunkel reportedly broke into a home in the 4300 block of Pruit Dr. north of Shreveport, still in Caddo Parish, investigators believe they were able to get into the house using a key they had stolen from a parked car, once inside they stole more items. "It's a real big charge and all that, but we get just as excited to catch them," eplained Prator. One other home has been burglarized in the same area, in the same fashion.

A  picture of the couple's car was taken in the parking lot of a business where they allegedly tried to use a stolen credit card. "Between the pictures of people and the vehicle description it won't be long before we catch them, assures Prator. But until then, the Sheriff tells homeowners in the Blanchard area to take extra precautions while they sleep.