Caddo Sheriff's Office Looking For Pair Of Alleged Cat Burglars

A couple of cat burglars are sneaking into people's homes and cars, grabbing the goods and getting away.

Caddo Parish investigators believe they know who the thieves are: Brian Kunkel and Roxan Grogan.

Arrest warrants for the pair have been issued.

"Well, we know of one and that's where we have the warrants, and the pattern is the same for the second one ... we're saying it's the same part of town, same type of burglary," said Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator.

The pair supposedly used a stolen credit card at a local business.

Investigators think the pair is using a white four-door compact, believed to be a Geo Prism.

If you see the car or the suspects, call Crime Stoppers at 673-7373.