"Recession Proof" Jobs

With the increasing use of the "R-word", recession, comes a big question:  What jobs are 'recession proof'?  KSLA News 12 discovered those jobs "are" out there.

Experts point to teaching as a more secure profession during economic downturns.  That's because, regardless of discretionary spending for things like clothing, our children must still attend school.  Then there's energy, with jobs in everything from oil and gas to alternative energy.

Jobs related to security, whether it be police or private contractors, are also a good bet.  "Culture we live in now, the need for security is only going to grow," explained Tommy Williams, of Williams Financial Services.

Then there's transportation.  "You think of trucks that are going up and down the highways; CDL drivers are always in demand.  We can't get enough of them right now," said Thersia Kveder of Jean Simpson Personnel Services, a locally owned and operated staffing company.

And of course there's health care, with jobs everywhere from hospitals to nursing homes as baby boomers grow older.

And when it comes to recession proof jobs, one of the biggest, if not the biggest is the I.T. industry, or Information Technology, as in computers.  "That is going to be a biggie!  I think for the next five years those people are going to be in high demand," added Kveder.

There are also some overall strategies for employment, as Williams explained.  "When you say recession you're saying a slow down in the economy.  So, what are people going to do regardless of what the economy is doing."

Bottom line:  Find a need in the marketplace and fill it.  And that, say the experts, is how you'll stay employed during tough times.

Kveder also told us the staffing industry, which includes her employer Jean Simpson Personnel Services, will also see some big growth as other industries lay-off more of their workforces.