U.S. Supreme Court Decision Could Reverse Death Sentence for Caddo Parish Man

For some, taking the innocence of a child, is just as bad, if not worse than murder. "All child rapists should be going to death row man, nobody should rape a child man," says Timmothy Burrian as he walked in Downtown Shreveport.  For those people sending Rick Davis, a convicted child rapist from Caddo Parish to death row is appropriate, especially for the man who sent him there back in December. "I think the degree of moral reprehensible involved in raping a child is equal to if not greater than the moral reprehensibility in killing another human being," says Assistant Caddo Distirct Attorney, Brady O' Callahan. The constitutionality of executing a child rapist is being considered by the U.S. Supreme Court, and if the justices decide that it's unconstitutional.... "I would expect Mr. Davis' attorneys to file appropriate motions to set aside his death sentence, and the motions would be granted on that basis," says O'Callahan. A disappointing prospect for O' Callahan. I would feel like the people in Louisiana would be cheated out of their ability to set their own laws, their own penalties for punishment.

Davis was the first child rapist in Caddo Parish to be handed a death sentence, but the first in the state was Patrick Kennedy in Jefferson Parish. If the Supreme Court upholds the constitutionality, other states, like Texas could follow suit. "I think they're trying to settle that question so the different states can add this penalty," says O'Callahan.