LACE Program In Full Force

It stands for "Local Agency Compensated Enforcement Detail" but to deputies, the name of the program isn't as important as what they're able to do with it.

The LACE program sparked the manhunt that led to authorities arresting Jonhathan Williams because they say he had three pounds of pot and $6,000 cash in his car.

"It's very common for us to make several drug arrests out here on a shift," says Sgt. Chato Atkins.

Fast forward less than a week later: deputies catch driver after driver going more than 80 miles per hour.

"We work plenty of accidents out here dealing with high speed crashes and I'm sick of working them," says Atkins.

The LACE program is a contracted agreement between local agencies and the district attorney's office.

The program gives deputies overtime and the people in DeSoto Parish a stronger law enforcement presence -- especially along I-49.

"There's DWI's out there, there's lots of fugitives from other areas that travel interstate highways," says DeSoto Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle.

Arbuckle admits he's gotten criticism about the program.

He says some often ask why he's worrying about people with drugs who aren't even stopping in his parish.

"I don't see it like that.  If they're affecting somebody's child by myself being a parent, I don't care whose kid it is," says Arbuckle.

Sheriff Arbuckle says when the sheriff's office does seize drugs and drug money, they receive 60 percent of it while the district attorney's office takes in 40 percent.