Update: Farm Hand Now Dead After Allegedly Killing Boss Then Shooting Self

Billy Joe Butler, 77
Billy Joe Butler, 77
Delton Pinter, 53
Delton Pinter, 53

Hempstead County Sheriff's deputies say Delton Pinter, 53 has died of his injuries after shooting his boss and then himself.  Farmer Billy Joe Butler, 77, was fatally shot by Pinter who was employed at the Butler Farm as a farm hand.  Police say the two had a disagreement Wednesday morning and that's when Pinter went to his car grabbed a gun and shot Butler and then himself.  Butler a prominent cattle farmer in Hempstead County was pronounced dead at the scene.  Pinter meanwhile was airlifted to a Hot Springs hospital where he later died. Officers say Pinter's wife was standing nearby and saw the whole thing. 
Story by Tania Francois

Investigators in Hempstead County are investigating a deadly shooting late Wednesday morning in Hope, Arkansas.
It happened at a ranch along Highway 29 about two miles outside of Hope.
The Hempstead County Sheriff's Office says they received a shooting call just after 9:00 am.
Seventy-seven-year-old Billy Joe Butler was pronounced dead at the scene. One of Butler's employees, 53-year-old Delton Pinter of the Shover Springs area, also had a gunshot wound. He was airlifted to a hospital in Hot Springs.
Investigators believe Pinter shot Butler then turned the gun on himself.  Pinter's condition remains unknown at this time.
Hempstead County investigators and the Arkansas State Police are investigating the incident.  So far they believe the shooting was over an argument the two were having.
Police say Butler had the largest cattle farm in Hempstead County.