New Developments In Alleged Carjacking and Kidnapping

"I can't even begin to tell you why someone would do that," says Louise Ashley.
The woman says her daughter's life will never be the same.
"She lost her left eye, nose was broke, she has a big gash in her face," says Ashley.
Shreveport police say Natasha Casey originally told them a man came up to her and beat her as she was leaving Full Moon Bistro in Downtown Shreveport early Tuesday morning.
Officers say 29 year old Casey told them the man dropped her off in Bossier City and drove off with her black 2002 Hyundai Elantra, leaving her to walk to a Circle K on Texas street.
"If it was just a car that they wanted, they didn't have to do that, just take the car," says Louise Ashley.
Detectives say it's still early on in the investigation. 
In fact, they tell us they're getting conflicting reports on exactly what happened early in the morning.
Shreveport police are currently working the case, however they don't know if the investigation's jurisdiction will change. 
"She could have been carjacked and kidnapped from downtown and taken to Bossier as which was originally reported, however, other witnesses are saying it happened in Bossier and she was able to escape to that Circle K area," says Shreveport Police spokeswoman Kacee Hargrave.
As detectives search for the who, where and why, they know one thing for certain: Natasha Casey is laying in LSU Hospital with a severe head injuries.
"With her being under the influence of the painkillers and that type of thing and surgery, it's very difficult.  A lot of these kind of cases take a little bit of time," says Hargrave.
If you have any information involving this case there are two numbers for you can call: Shreveport Police detective Russell Ross at 673-6955 and Crimestoppers at 673-7373.
Story By Ben Wolf