Caddo Sheriffs Roundup Hot Check Writers

"They can't run away from it forever."
And for some the chase ended Tuesday as Caddo Parish Sheriffs Deputies went looking for hot check writers with outstanding warrants. Mike Middleton and David Bartlett with the Sheriff's office, work together on finding the bad check writers. They say plenty of warrants are out there for people with bad checks, because catching them is no easy task. "You may go 6 months before you finally catch somebody."
"A lot of the time we have older addresses and they give ficticious addresses." As we rode with deputies, they knocked on door, after door, after door, looking for wanted hot check writers without much luck until we found 26 year old Dionne Dorsey who did not want to talk about her arrest for a charge of issuing worthless checks, as she was escorted out of her house in handcuffs.
Middleton says most of the time, bad check writers aren't found through searches, instead they're found through random stops on the streets. "They'll get stopped for whatever charge out on the street and we'll find out they have a warrant." Deputies say they run into people with bad checks for as little as 50 dollars, or as much as 10 thousand dollars,but no matter the dollar amount, if you're wanted and don't pay up, deputies have a message for you. "Sooner or later I'll get you."