Shreveport Police Make Presence Felt in Downtown

" I don't think during the day has been a problem." But at night where crime has hit the Downtown Shreveport area in recent months. Shootings, allegations of rape, and beatings have made headlines for the area. The Shreveport Police Department  unveiled a new kiosk  Monday, and Police Chief Henry Whitehorn say it will let them tackle the problem. "It was very important to get this up and running. We've been concentrating our efforts even without the kiosk."
And while police are stepping up their presence downtown, they're are also keeping an "eye" on the city through a new set of cameras.
"We can actually move the radios and the cameras together as a system." Ken McCoy with Trusted Data Solutions, says the new cameras are positioned throughout the downtown area, and the images are seen by officers back at the kiosk. The wireless cameras can be moved, giving officers plenty of flexibilty when looking for crime. "We can move all of the systems to the Riverfront if we needed. We can move near the Convention Center or Festival Plaza in about a day."
"The perception of crime for most consumers and most patrons of downtown is reality. So we really have to work hard on the perception." Don Shea with the Downtown Development Authority hopes with the added police and cameras, more people like Scott Caswell will come back to the area at night. "That definitely makes a difference to me. I'd fell a little safer knowing they are here."