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Shreveport Property Owners Can Purchase Adjudicated Properties For One Dollar

"There's been a real interest in adjudicated properties within the City of Shreveport."
And that interest is growing one dollar at a time. The City of Shreveport is giving owners like Jorge Washington that live next door to vacant adjudicated properties the chance to buy the property, for just a buck. "You have to spend either half your earning or more to get something like that, and it's a buck, why not."
"If they have been maintaining the lot,now they have an ownership interest in it." The program was passed by the city council last December. Malcolm Statdlander with the City of Shreveport,  says owners who live next door to adjudicated properies, must have maintained the property for at least a year, and provide three affadavits proving they have. The property must be adjudicated by the city for 3 years. "The properties that are available through this program are only vacant, properties. There can be no structures."
The City of Shreveport spends about 1.5 million dollars every year cutting down grass and trimming trees on 6 to 7 thousand adjudicated properties around the city but with the program they say that just 1 dollar can allow property owners to expand and get rid of eyesores in their neighborhoods. 
And that's one reason why Washington says he and his neighbor work together on keeping the vacant lot up. "We don't want those type of rodents moving from the lot to our houses." Washington says he and his neighbor think of the property as theirs, and says the program puts them one dollar closer to finally making it happen. "You don't expect anything about paying a dollar for a property."

Story By: Jonathan McCall

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