Garborino DWI Trial Delayed Again

Angela Garborino's DWI trial was set to begin on Thursday, however, that didn't happen. Garborino was arrested in November and charged with hit and run and DWI. She made national news with the claim that her arresting officer, Wiley Willis, beat her while in his custody.

For the second time, the trial has been postponed and set for another day.

A DWI charge is what began a series of events that lead to the firing of Officer Willis. Shortly after the incident, Garborino accused Willis of beating her. Police video tape shows Garborino lying on the floor in a pool of blood. An internal affairs investigation began at the request of Police Chief Henry Whitehorn. Willis was eventually fired.

City Prosecutor, Turell Miles, told Judge Bill Kelly that he needed more time to obtain a video tape that the police department still has.

The new trial date has been set for July 10th.