City of Shreveport Says New Allendale Facility In Planning Stages

"The time has come for us to move forward." The City of Shreveport is not only moving forward, but also moving back to the Allendale community. Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover says the city is working on building a new facility at the C.C. Antoine Park to house the city's SPAR activities for residents in the Allendale and Leadbetter Heights neighborhoods. "It's several acres of large flowing land that's right now parking lots and ball fields."
Back in February the city says it was forced to leave the Allendale YWCA after the agency cancelled it's contract to house city programs at the location. Glover says the new facility eliminates that risk. "It's a facility that we can not be evicted from. It becomes ours. It becomes ours to own. We can program it the based upon the needs of the citizens."
The money to help build this new center has actually been approved since 1996, when Mayor Glover was a member of city council. And since then the money has gone untouched. "Unfortunately the administrations that have been in place since that time chose not to expend those dollars for that purpose." $1.4 million was approved to for the building, and Glover says this time he's in a position to make it happen. "I was never until now in a position to be the one who writes the check to make that happen."