Nacogdoches County, TX District Clerk Arrested For Felony Theft

Last week the DA's office requested an investigation into district clerk Donna Phillips after it was discovered money was missing from the child support account. During that investigation they found a trail leading to Phillips. "It was also learned that money had been transferred between other accounts held within the district clerks office to cover the shortages. Mrs. Phillips was the only person in her office who handled the deposits and had access to these accounts," DA Stephanie Stephens explained. Just under 16 thousand dollars was found missing from the child support fund.

It started disappearing in 2007. But Phillips has worked in the office much longer than that.   She has been working at the courthouse for 17 years, 6 of those she has served as the district clerk.   After she was arrested today though, she turned in her resignation.   Now, the counties investigation will continue. They plan to go back year by year until they figure out when the money started disappearing.

As for Phillips her attorney says they have a long road ahead of them. "If a grand jury here in Nacogdoches County determines that there is probable cause that she in fact committed this offense then formal charges will be presented and we'll have a court date in district court here in Nacogdoches," John Heath Jr. said. Phillips is now charged with a third degree felony. If found guilty she could serve up to ten years in prison.