Teen Facing Charges After Chase in Shreveport

A teenage boy is taking the rap right now for an incident Friday morning which Shreveport police say involved three more people.  The teen is the only person police have in custody so far in connection with a car chase.

Officers at the scene told KSLA News 12 they tried to conduct a traffic stop on a vehicle at the intersection of Coty and Wichita Streets around 1:00 a. m.   But they say the SUV slowed down and then drove away, with a passenger throwing something out of the window.  Police say they later found out the substance was cocaine.

Once the vehicle took off, officers gave chase, and the SUV finally stopped on the opposite side of Youree Drive, along E. Wichita Street.   At that time, police say, four people jumped out and ran.  The officers caught up with one suspect--a juvenile--and arrested him.

They spent some time looking for the three others, but they eventually got away.

When one officer jumped out of his patrol car to take part in the foot chase, the car rolled downhill and sideswiped a utility pole.

Police have not released the name of the teen they arrested.  They say he faces cocaine possession among other charges.