Lake Bethelehem Wants To Bring Programs Back To Former YWCA

"Our motto is a helping church for a hurting world."
And Lake Bethlehem Baptist Church is helping a neighborhoood that is hurting. Last week, the church agreed to shell out $600,000 to purchase the former Allendale YWCA. "Once I got inside the facility I got a chance to see that it's a wonderful facility. At that point I decided it was something that the church should try to pursue." For the first time, Lake Bethlehem Pastor Dennis Everett talked about the purchase.
Everett says he's committed to bringing back the same programs that were previously held at the center. "It is our intention that this facility can continue to be used for the programs that benefited the Allendale community."
Everett says he is open to the idea of bringing the city's SPAR programs back to the center, but it's an idea Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover says he is no longer considering. But either way, Everett says the facility will not just be for people in Allendale. "The facility will be available for the entire community."