Shreveport Police Make Arrest in Meat Plant Break-in

A "steak out" at a meat plant means someone forgot to refrigerate some of the product, and it would add up to a loss for the business.  But a stakeout of a different kind-- surveillance by detectives-- is how Shreveport police say they stopped Gerlach Meats from losing anymore money.
   Police say someone had broken into the business in the 2200 block of Texas Street several times over the past few weeks, usually by using a bolt cutter to break through either a lock and chain, or a chainlink fence.
  The thief then made off with steaks and other meat from refrigerated trucks in the parking lot.
  This time, though, police say they were waiting when the burglar arrived. 
  They had received a tip that another break-in was set to happen early Thursday morning, and around 1:00 a. m., they say, it went off as planned.
   Officers arrested a former employee of the business.  They say the man still had bolt cutters in his hand, and when he refused to drop them, police used a taser on him.
  The suspect, whose name hasn't been released, was taken into custody on a burglary charge.
  Gerlach's owner, Pete Miller, says he's relieved that the expensive crime spree appears to have come to an end.
  "It had to be thousands of dollars' worth of steaks.  Fence cut, locks broken," he said.  "It was a very nice feeling to drive up here and see those police apprehended the guy."
   So far, the suspect faces charges in connection with only the latest break-in.  But police are looking into whether he's responsible for some of the others at the same business, as well as other burglaries throughout the city.
  Story by Katrina Webber