Wreck Leaves Woman Injured, Car Covered in Paint

A rollover crash created a spectacle for people in Shreveport's Highland neighborhood Wednesday morning.  And it wasn't just the vehicles involved in the crash that attracted their attention.
  A car not involved in the initial impact sat covered in yellow and gray paint--a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  According to witnesses, the now-speckled BMW sedan was waiting at a red light at Olive Avenue and Gilbert Drive around 8 a. m. when a burgundy minivan and silver compact car in front of it collided.  The van rolled over, trapping the driver inside and sending several cans of house paint airborne.  The paint landed on the BMW, coating it in two new shades.
  "I was taking my daughters to school and then, suddenly, I got hit by the big red blob," said Nabil Moufarrej, M. D., speaking about the van.  "Then everything disappears because of the paint covering the windshield."
  Moufarrej, with paint smeared on his forehead, face and clothes, told KSLA News 12 he and his daughters were shocked and shaken by the sudden turn of events.  Still, he managed to keep a sense of humor throughout the ordeal.
  "(The car's) gonna need a good wash or paint job," he joked.  "But I'm glad everybody's all right."
   For a while, however, it appeared as if the van driver might not be ok.  The woman who was behind the wheel became trapped inside the wreckage.  But firefighters say they were lucky enough to have some new equipment aboard their rescue rig--a new version of the hydraulic tool known as the "jaws of life", and a new cutting saw.  Both items allowed them to slice through metal and glass and free the woman.
  "It would've been near impossible to get her out without it and for her to remain safe," said Capt. John Davis with the Shreveport Fire Department.
  The unidentified driver was taken to a hospital with non life-threatening injuries.  She was the only person hurt in the wreck, Davis said.
  It's unclear whether anyone will be cited.
  Story by Katrina Webber