Caddo Parish Unveils New "Silent Partner:

The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office has a new "silent partner" that can do the work of more than 100 deputies, in one shift. "It takes a lot of workload off our communications center, there's a lot of positives to this."
The Silent Partner is a new automatic license plate reader, and it allows officers to focus on other parts of the job, while still doing their job. The Silent Partner system uses infrared cameras to capture thousands of license plates. It then alerts deputies within seconds of passing a car with a matching plate number. "If we were going 120 miles per hour through the Walmart parking lot, it will actually have checked every license plate there."
Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator unveiled the new system Tuesday, and says it can help check people for warrants, amber alerts, or even for sex offenders. "Say for instance you're driving and it flashes up you just passed a sex offender. You're looking around near a school, then that's a violation. Or at least it gives you a reason why this girl or guy is driving near a school." Prator says it can also help with another problem in the Ark-La-Tex, stolen cars. "We had over 11 hundred cars stolen last year and recovered 7 hundred. So we're talking about 400 cars that are still out there." Prator says the new system will make it tougher for criminals to stay silent themselves, among law-abiding citizens.