Pair Arrested For Break-In At Shreveport Church

Shreveport police have arrested two people in connection with the burglary of a Shreveport church.
Victor Johnson and Crystal James were arrested for the break-in of the Southern Hills Church of Christ last week.
Johnson reportedly was caught trying to sell two laptop computers that were stolen from the church.
Police say when they showed up at his house, Crystal James told them he wasn't there, but Johnson was allegedly found hiding under a bed with a bag of marijuana.
Johnson was arrested and charged with illegal possession of stolen things, possession of schedule I narcotics, and being a fugitive for past warrants issued for domestic abuse and criminal mischief.
James is charged with resisting an officer.

From April 1
As Pastor of the Southern Hills Church of Christ John Hawkins has officiated weddings, and given eulogies at funerals, but nothing could prepare him for what he witnessed on Tuesday. "When we got here, this morning we saw some strange lights on." But this strange light wasn't leading him to the afterlife, instead it brought to the damage his church suffered after being broken into overnight.
Shreveport Police tell KSLA News 12 the thieves actually grabbed a handicapped sign, then climbed on top of the roof. And they used that sign to pry open the skylight on top of the roof. That's how they managed to get inside of the church. Thieves made off with 3 laptops, a couple of PlayStations from the teen wing of the church, GPS navigation systems, digital cameras, and audio equipment. The thieves also ransacked church offices, and shattered glass with a fire extinguisher. Hawkins says the men made off with close to 10 thousand dollars in equipment. Shreveport Police spent Tuesday morning looking for clues, and collecting fingerprints, police believe three neighborhood teenagers are responsible for the damage. "The police were incredibly thorough. They did a great job, and we're thankful for the response we received." And through the pain, Hawkins says his congregation will be looking to their faith, to not only pray for themselves, but those who did this to them. "I think our church is a wonderful family, and everybody will rally around and pitch in to do what we need to do."