Storm Causes Widespread Damage in Texarkana Area

People on both sides of the stateline in Texarkana are waking up to the aftereffects of a powerful storm that also caused widespread damage across the midwest.
  It swept through the northern parts of the ArkLaTex late Monday night,  producing golfball- to baseball-sized hail, according to some witnesses accounts.  
  The hail, in fact, is what caused most of the damage in the Texarkana area.  It shattered windows on a number of vehicles, including a patrol car for the Bi-State Police Department and several new cars on an auto dealer's lot. 
   A window on a bay door at the fire station on the Arkansas side also broke out during the storm.
   The wind, although not as damaging as the hail, caused its share of destruction as well.
  "We have mostly power lines down," said Ginger Lee with the Texarkana Arkansas Fire Department.  Lee said she was not sure exactly how many homes and businesses were affected by power outages.  She said she also suspected some of those downed lines were for cable television.
   The storm's power seemed to take many people by surprise.  One driver told KSLA News he and his passenger became frightened when hail began pummeling their car, shattering its windows.
  "He screamed louder than Mariah Carey," the driver said about his passenger.
   Despite the damage, police and firefighters say they had no reports of any injuries.
  Story by Katrina Webber with additional reporting by Fred Gamble