Oldest Practicing Shreveport Attorney Turns 93

Attorney, Don Baker turned 93 years old today (March 25th). The LSU grad has been practicing law in Shreveport since 1945. "My hip's giving me a little trouble," complains Baker. He's a fedora wearing "favorite uncle-like figure". "Who are you waiting to see?" Baker asks a group of people in the waiting room. When he learned it wasn't him he responded calmly, "Good I can go to lunch". A lunch he has everyday with his wife at home. "I've been trying to retire for ten years," says Baker. He goes onto say "Well you never clean your desk off, you get something and someone else comes in..ok, I'll take care of that for you and it just overlaps". Baker no longer goes to court, his work now consists mainly of researching real estate law. Work he refuses to do on a computer, he researches the old fashioned way, with books. "Well, I'm too old to learn new tricks," says Baker. But he does have a calculator and this old dictaphone, he says he's retired many of those in the past. Pointing to the dictaphone he says "When this one finishes I guess that's when I'll have to quit".

He's practiced law for so long, the National Bar Association no longer requires dues. Don says his nineties have been good, although he's a little forgetful at times. A symptom that surfaced during the interview when he asked "What am I supposed to do now?" But In true avuncular form, he just laughs it off. After all he's still doing what he loves to do, and he's got a lunch date. "That was my wife calling....when are you coming home" Baker says as he gets onto the elevator, on his way to a lunch date that he wouldn't miss for the world.