Season Begins for Allergy Sufferers

The flowers are blooming, the trees are coming back to life and all the green on top of cars means more than just spring. For allergy sufferers it means its time to start sneezing.
Dr. Bill Parker an Ear Nose and Throat doctor at Highland Clinic say, "Tree pollen right now is giving lots of people grief."
Allergy sufferers say the symptoms vary. Tony Bacigalupi usually "feels like your head fills with water and your eyes they just want to shut your face swells up, you sneeze can't stop." and Linda Meadows says she gets "dizzy, irritated, my eyes are itchy."
Dr. Parker say even if you haven't suffered from seasonal allergies ever before you are not immune. They say there are some over the counter medications that can help. "Saline nose spray is the best drug you can get without a prescription. Salt water, it's nothing magic. You hose your nose down with it. You sniff and blow and remove the pollen from your membrane."
He says, "Give it a week and if the mucus becomes discolored that means you have a secondary infection and you need to see your doctor and get an antibiotic to go along with your decongestion."
Story by Tania Francois