Neighborhood Units To Battle Speeding

Residents of one neighborhood in Bossier City say they're sick and tired of speeders...   and sooner or later it's going to turn tragic.  The Meadowview community is posting speed signs all over, In an attempt to prevent summer disaster.

They move fast; kids on wheels, kids on foot...  and cars, lots of 'em.  Parents say it'll all end badly in Meadowview.    Brenda Randle is worried.

"You talk about driving fast! they drive like mad men... Sometimes 50-miles an hour. They gotta slow down.'

 Neighbors say, this winding residential road sometimes looks like a raceway.  So the community is putting-up signs sometimes one every ten feet. To remind daydreaming motorists, with this many kids playing, in the blink of an eye it can become a nightmare.    A

ccording to driving experts, slowing down even a little bit, can mean the difference between life and death when a car hits a child this size.   Bud Chauncy runs a driving school: "If a motorist hits a child moving 30 miles an hour - as opposed to 25 miles an hour - the child is 3-times as likely to die." so, the community here tries to take control of the situation, anyway it can.  Ann Mejia is praying for great results.   "We just put our signs out in the last week, and hope..." Reporter's question: "You think this'll work?" Mejia's answer: "Well, it seems to be. We're working on it." T he Bossier mayor's office is supporting the community in it's effort to slow-down motorists.