Driver Says Sun's Glare Contributed to Wreck Involving Bus

Caddo Parish sheriff's investigators say a driver told them the sun temporarily blinded her, causing her to run into two vehicles, including a Caddo Parish school bus.
   The driver was traveling south on Shreveport Blanchard Road around 8:30 a. m. Wednesday when the accident occurred.  The woman, whose name was not released, told deputies at the scene because of the sun, she did not see an SUV in front of her. 
  The woman's car rear-ended the other vehicle, and in an attempt to avoid that collision, she veered into oncoming traffic.
  The compact car collided with a school bus loaded with Blanchard Elementary students.  None of the children was injured.  Still Lisa Bumgardner, who had just put her daughter on the bus, said she panicked when she saw the wreck.
  "I came down and I (saw) it was our bus and I just took off running," she said through tears.  "(But) my baby is ok!"
    A passenger in the compact car went to a hospital as a precaution, deputies said.  The SUV slammed into a utility pole, smashing its front end.  However, no one in that vehicle was hurt.
  The impact left electric and cable wires dangling from the pole. Deputies had to stop traffic along Shreveport Blanchard Road until they could be repaired.
  After the accident, the bus, which lost its crossing arm in the wreck and was left with a dented front bumper, continued on its way to the school.
  Story by Katrina Webber