Fire Destroys Shreveport Motel's Front Office

A fire overnight has destroyed the front office of a Shreveport motel.  The fire at the Palomar Motel, in the 3900 block of Greenwood Road, broke out just before 1:00 a. m. Monday.

Firefighters say when they arrived, the found the front office fully engulfed in flames.  They managed to put the fire out within about 15 minutes, but it was with some difficulty.

"The (office building) was from...1938 or somewhere along in there," said District Fire Chief Kerry Foster.  "(It had) taken on a lot of renovation so it was all chopped up.  So we had some issues with some small fires in the attic."

Foster said the unusual layout of the building made fighting the fire a little tougher than usual.  Still firefighters got the upper hand rather quickly, and no one was injured.

The building that houses the office is separate from the motel rooms, which are all housed in individual buildings as well.  No guests had to be evacuated during the fire.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.