Routine Traffic Stop Turns Into Police Chase

He may be in handcuffs now,but getting him there was no easy task. Shreveport police say a man driving a car, led them on a wild chase, after a routine traffic stop discovered the car was not registered. "When he gets out and tried to pat the guy for weapons,the guy starts to immediately fight him. He runs around he building get back into his car. "
That's right the driver broke away from the cops, ran on foot through a neighborhood, and managed to get back into the car, and then drove off, leading police on a chase through Shreveport streets. After a brief chase, police finally caught up with the car at a shopping center on jewella, where they discovered plenty of drugs. "We found a lot of narcotics, all schedules, marijuana, crack cocaine, and everything else involved with the traffic stop."
And now the driver is facing a list of charges, he won't be able to get away from. "They're facing both schedule 1 and schedule 2 narcotics charges with the intent to distribute this one is facing aggravated flight resisting arrest and battery of an officer."