Two Horses Killed in Traffic Accident

John Herzog didn't know, at first, what hit him-- or what he hit-- as he drove along a dark highway toward Mooringsport just after 5:30 a. m. Friday.
  "I  just heard a 'bam!'," he recalled, "then the windshield came flying in at me."
     What Herzog soon discovered is that the cause of the collapsed windshield, and his missing driver's side mirror, was a full-grown female horse that apparently had bounced off the front end of another vehicle heading in the opposite direction on Highway 169 near Dayton Road.
  Richard Warner was behind the wheel of that southbound pickup truck.
  "I seen (Herzog) coming and then I saw the shadow of the horse," Warner said.  "By the time I saw the horse, it was too late.  I broadsided it."
  While that horse lay dead in the middle of the highway, a second horse in a nearby ditch lifted its head and looked toward its broken hind leg.  Both animals had been struck, either by one or both vehicles.  Sheriff's deputies at the scene said the second horse would be put down "in a humane way."
   They did not know immediately who owns the animals.  The drivers were not even sure how they ended up in the middle of the road.
  "They came out of nowhere," said Warner.  "Usually it's deer you gotta look for.  I wasn't even expecting a horse."
  The impact caused extensive damage to the front of both Warner's and Herzog's vehicles.  The two drivers, however, said they were not seriously hurt.
  "I just felt a jolt, and then the airbag hit me in the face," said Warner.
  Herzog, meanwhile, he was showered in glass from his broken windshield but did not suffer any cuts.
  Story by Katrina Webber