12 Murders In Shreveport Still Unsolved

"Having only 12 cases open is a very good number."
With 2008 already here, the Shreveport Police still have some unfinished business to take care of from 2007. Shreveport Police Spokesman Kacee Hargrave says police investigators are working hard to close the cases on 12 unsolved murders. Hargrave says the number is lower than the average.  "Some of the other investigators continue to get probable cause to make an arrest they have to work their case to make sure they have an arrest."
In 2006, Shreveport had 30 murders, in 2007 that number jumped to 41, but Hargrave says the numbers are deceiving. "We normally average 40-50 homicides a year. With 41 it really wasn't an extreme number when you compare it to other years in the past."
Hargrave says the biggest spike in murders came in later in the year, including the deaths of three children. "I think everybody knows the young people getting killed by gunfire. It was just real senseless acts of violence."
Hargrave credits new intiatives such as the Don't Shoot I Want To Grow Up Campaign, and others to help deter crime. She says more support is needed from the community, citizens agree. "Once the community get on board and start following the leaders we put in there."
"I think they're doing a pretty good job so far,we still have lots of crime in the area though."