Five Arrested in New Year's Eve Gunfire Crackdown

Five people who used guns to ring in the new year may be wishing they'd found another way to celebrate.  They were arrested during an overnight crackdown by the Caddo-Shreveport Narcotics Task Force on that type of revelry.

Members of the task force hit the streets overnight Monday, looking for people who were ringing in the new year by shooting guns into the air.  The bullets they fire eventually come down somewhere, and they could hit innocent people.

"(Shreveport Police) Chief Whitehorn and Mayor Glover had instructed us, as far as the shooting during the New Year's Eve," said Sgt. Lynn Allen, with the task force.  "This has been a problem in the past."

In the Queensborough neighborhood, police and deputies found what they were looking for--five suspects along with a collection of weapons.

They made three of the arrests in the 3600 block of Stonewall Street, and seized 2 assault rifles, 1 shotgun and 3 handguns.

"If we had enough officers... we could've got more," said Allen.

The crackdown was the first of its kind for Shreveport, aimed at preventing accidental shootings, Allen said.

The five suspects face a variety of charges, from illegal possession to illegal discharge of a weapon.