Sex Offender Laws Tighten

Someone convicted of a sex crime is required to notify you and authorities when they arrive in your neighborhood - for many years to come, and now possibly even a lifetime. "If you're a sexual offender, the chances are very good you're going to re-offend and we want to know where you are," says Caddo Parish Sheriff, Steve Prator. The new, law set to go into effect January 1st divides sex offenders into three tiers, three being the worst offenders. And it promises to tighten the standards regarding registration. "We got to know for a longer period of time, and a quicker turn around time where you're going to be," says Prator. The new law goes way beyond sex offender notifications you get in the mail, now Caddo Sheriff's Deputies are required to locate the sex offender personally and verify their address, and they'll do that every six months. "We have to actually go out to the scene of a place of employment or to where you live and in some cases every three months verify what you're telling us is true," says Prator. For instance: Tier one offenders used to register for ten years, now they will register for fifteen years. Tier two offenders used to register for ten years, now twenty five with a personal verification visit every six months. Tier three used to register for ten years, now they register for life, with a verification visit every three months. "If they're not where they're supposed to be and we can't find them, and there's no indication they're just gone to the store, we'll give them a residency at CCC (Caddo Correctional Center)" says Prator. Every sex offender in Caddo has been told of the new law, and Sheriff Prator says there will be no tolerance for not following it.