Police Focused On Making Sure New Years Celebrations Don't Turn Deadly

Now that Christmas is over, Shreveport Police are preparing for the start of the New Year, and making sure celebrations don't turn deadly.
"Every year during new years eve throughout the country. People take to the streets and shoot their guns to celebrate ringing in the new year. I guess it's ringing out the old and ringing in the new." Randy Patrick says once the the bullets are in the air, they can land anywhere, potentially killing an innocent person. "For the amount of money you would spend on a box of shells. You can buy a lot of fireworks and have a better time shooting the fireworks."
Seargant Brian Winn says more officers will be on the streets looking for drunk drivers."With the New Years holidays there's a lot of parties. The arrest for DUI's usually does increase this time of year."
Winn says a new law that requires people convicted of a dui for first time to have interlocking breathelizers installed to their car should make anybody think twice. But he says if you do drink, just make sure to remember this.
"Have a designated driver or take a cab. Those two will help keep you out of trouble with the police department."