Owners Of Local Big Cat Sanctuary Make Sure Animal Attacks Don't Happen Here

Authorities aren't expecting to find any additional victims today as they search the grounds of the San Francisco Zoo, a day after an escaped tiger killed one visitor and mauled two others. But they're not sure how long the tiger had been loose before she was killed by police.
The two survivors are in critical but stable condition, with deep bite wounds and claw cuts.
Investigators are trying to figure out how the tiger escaped its zoo enclosure. The area is surrounded by a 15-foot-wide moat and 20-foot-tall walls. A zoo official says it appears the animal either climbed or jumped out of the enclosure.
The same tiger chewed off part of a zookeeper's arm a year ago.
We checked in with the Yogie & Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary south of Shreveport in Frierson.
They have 15 large cats ranging from tigers to lions and bobcats.
We wanted to hear their reaction to that tragic tiger attack and about keeping animals contained and visitors safe.
"I just want people to rest assured that we're comfortable, we're cautious about what we do, because we don't want to have any incidents, because we don't want to lose an animal. You know, we certainly don't want to lose a human being, we don't want anyone to get killed, but we don't want to have to have an animal destroyed because we did something stupid and preventable," said Executive Director Jenny Senier.
Senier says there have been no escapes or incidents at the sanctuary since it was founded in 1999.
They closed for the winter earlier this month, but will reopen the first day of April.