Gas Well Fire Burns, Remaining Residents Concerned

Some of the residents who are still in Frierson are told it might be at least nine days before this fire is put out, some of these residents can even see the fire from their own backyards. Officials say they're waiting on special equipment to put the fire out. On Sunday night Frierson was rocked by a blast "Just a boom, then the ground rumbled," says Ray Booth, who lives nearby.  And since that night fire has shot straight out of the ground, and is expected to continue for several days to come. " Idon't know much about it but that just seems like too long," says Booth. Residents who were not evacuated try to go about their lives "It has you wondering and worrying, especially because they're fixing to drill another one within 130 feet of our property here," says resident, Jimi Williams. For  Williams, the flame, visible from his backyard, is a reminder of what could happen if a well is drilled even closer to his home. "They can't control it no better than that? I mean, this may be the first one out of 300 but like I said, what's to say they don't come over here and the same thing happens" says Williams.  Desoto Parish Sheriff's Deputies stand gaurd, but residents are allowed back in briefly to feed animals and get necessities. The sheriff's office says the fire will be put out using water, until then families will remain evacuated and the residents still there, remain nervous. Sheriff Arbuckle hasn't received any official complaints in his office, but he says he certainly understands the frustration from the residents who are still there.