Last Minute Shoppers Hit Area Malls Looking For Deals

Twas the day before christmas, and malls were packed, with procrastinators looking for special savings on the clothes racks.
"It's just like Black Friday. They choose it as their day to shop." Mike Raque with JC Penny's at Pierre-Bossier Mall says a lot of those who wait for the last minute, are men."We have a lot of men that are procrastinators. But so far this morning there have been a of families still shopping out."
Men like Steve Reynolds visting from Georgia. "I've got some leather jackets and some dress shirts, that are on sale. And then I just picked my brother up a western denim shirt." Reynolds says with the sales he was able to wait, and buy twice as many things for his family this Christmas including a present for his wife."We're gonna keep it a secret. But you know diamonds are forever. Diamonds are forever."
"But there's always something at the last minute like calendars."Lynn First says the majority of her shopping was done back in October, and now she's starting for next year, but there's just one small problem."The trouble is I buy all of this stuff, and then next September. I won't know where it is."
Rodney Anderson is hoping to find his mom a present before then but says it's going to take some time. "Probably until the store closes. It's going to be a long day."