Pastors And City Leaders Meet Again To Tackle City's Crime Problem

"We know that the ministers have a great amount of influence. Not only on their congregations but on all of us." And that is why Shreveport city leaders are calling on churches to help with the city's crime problem,which in recent months has seen the deaths of three children at the hands of a gunman. Shreveport Police Chief Henry Whitehorn says a major problem they often face when dealing with crimes is the lack of information they receive. "I want them to help us identify people that can also tell us where some of this criminal activity is so we can help put a stop to it." Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover also introduced a number of ideas to help with program. Glover says he wants to address commitment to non-violence, spread awareness about gangs, create a parish-wide after-school network, and recruit volunteers fo youth programs. But one idea really caught Glovers attention,the formation of a Pastor Task Force, volunteer pastors, working with city to make sure the ideas, get done. "We're going to work with the task force ministers here today, and we're going to work on flushing those ideas out. " And even the pastors believe the program can help. "Hopefully we can get each pastor on one accord.. And get each congregation on one accord.. And eventually we'll have the whole city on one accord."