Reward Offered in Missing Man Case

In August the family of Ricky Nelson started an effort to find him, just a few days after he'd gone missing, his family had hope, despite investigators doubts. "It's been five days since he was last seen, at this point it doesn't look very well," said Investigator, Randy Price back in August.  Four months have passed, and Ricky is still missing. "I still believe he'll come home," said Price.  Ricky's mother, Katie Nelson, and his sister, Donna Jennings refuse to give up hope that he'll be home for Christmas. The Bienville Sheriff's Office is now offering a monetary reward of an unknown amount. When asked if she thinks the reward will help Donna Jennings says "I'm hoping it will, I'm hoping that someone's conscious will allow them to contact the Bienville Parish Sheriff's Department and give them the information they have."

The evidence Ricky left behind has provided few answers to his family. "There was food left in the toaster broiler, he'd left his glasses, left his cell phone," says Jennings. The endless possible reasons for his disappearance has weighed heavily on their minds. "I can't sleep, he's on my mind constantly," says his mother, Katie Nelson. "There's no closure, there's no peace, it's like he's always riding with you, and you can't find him," says Jennings. His family hopes the new reward will pay off, and will lead investigators, who have also had sleepless nights, straight to Ricky. "We appreciate everything everyone has done," says Jennings," to which Ricky's mom added "Now we want him home".