Driver Accused of Hit and Run, DUI, after Head-on Crash

Shreveport police say a driver involved in an early morning head-on crash Thursday will probably face felony hit-and-run and drunk driving charges.

Police caught up with the man in the 3400 block of Broadmoor Street minutes after the crash around 4 a. m.

The collision happened about a block away on Youree Drive near Kings Highway.

Police say the man they arrested had been behind the wheel of a Ford Expedition when it crashed head-on into a pickup truck that was making a turn from Youree onto Kings Highway.  They believe alcohol was involved.

"At this time of night, it's a good possibility somebody's gonna be intoxicated," said Sgt. J. V. Webb.  "I believe the driver that we have apprehended, that we caught, is gonna be intoxicated."

The impact of the crash caused the front ends of both cars to break apart, and fuel and oil to spill across the roadway.

Police had to shut down Youree Drive between Kings and Stratmore Drive for about 90 minutes.   A crew with the Department of Transportation and Development arrived shortly after 5:30 a. m. and began spreading sand across the roadway.  It reopened about 15 minutes later.

Despite the extensive damage to the vehicle, police say no one suffered any serious injuries.

"Everybody in this crash is very lucky today," said Webb.  "This could've been very bad and everybody's walking away from it."