Holiday Shopping Anti-Distraction Tips

With just five days left until Christmas, most shoppers are hustling to get those last minute gifts.  Police say more and more shoppers are distracted and it's making them easy prey for thieves.
Bossier City Sgt. Ben England says the top distraction is cell phone use. He says customers often forget where they have parked and end up wandering around the parking lots lost.  He says most have parked while talking on the phone and can't remember how to make it back to their cars.
England says he has even seen other shoppers almost run into the trolley, into other shoppers and even the police themselves because they are trying to send a text message or finish a conversation.
He says it's those same distractions thieves look forward to.
Finally, he says many shoppers are filling their cars up with gifts and that can be easily seen just by walking by. He says it can take a thief 15 seconds to brake a window and get access to those presents.
A few tips officers are giving out: 
Park in a well lit area. Leave bags in the trunk. Keep your keys in your hand when you are walking to your car. It also helps that you've remembered where you parked. Finally limit your cell phone use.
Story by Tania Francois