Firefighter Arrested Charged with Fighting Pit Bulls, Again

One of the pit bulls seized with what animal control workers say are obvious wounds on his back.
One of the pit bulls seized with what animal control workers say are obvious wounds on his back.
Eric Mosley back in 2005 walking out of CCC.
Eric Mosley back in 2005 walking out of CCC.

Update, Dec. 20:
42-Year-Old Eric Mosley, a Shreveport Firefighter is again arrested and charged with fighting pit bulls. This comes after 22 pit bulls were rescued from his property on the 32-hundred block of Junior Place in Shreveport last Tuesday.
Brandon Daniel with Caddo Parish Animal Control says "The dogs were examined today by 3 different veterinarians and it's determined that they have scars consistent with dog fighting and that along with all the other evidence you just put it together and it's cut and dry."
Mosley was held on a ten-thousand dollar bond. After spending less than two hours in jail, he bonded out and went home where we were waiting for him.
Mosley did not want to comment on his arrest.
Four of the puppies had parvo, one died naturally the other three had to be put to sleep. As for the other 18 pit bulls, animal control workers say a last result will be to put them to sleep too.
Mosley is on paid administrative leave with the fire department.
Back in 2005, Mosley was charged with fighting dogs, a jury found him not guilty.
Story by Tania Francois

December 18, 2007
Twenty-two pitbulls were removed from a Shreveport home Tuesday afternoon, and Caddo Animal Control workers say they were being used as part of a dog fighting ring.
Animal Control Workers say at least four of the dogs have bite marks on their backs.
They also seized equipment they say is used in dog fighting rings like a treadmill, medicine and other tools.
The home on the 32 hundred block of Junior Place belongs to Eric Mosley a Shreveport firefighter who back in 2005 was arrested and charged with dog fighting. He was cleared of those by a jury last December.
Animal control workers suspect he is at it again and are waiting for Mosely to turn himself in.
Workers say ultimately it's the owner of the home who will be held responsible.
Brandon Daniel with Caddo Animal Control said, "There was possible cruelty here. We love for people to report such (crimes) as this so we can investigate and do something about it. Upon investigation of a cruelty complaint, we found not only cruelty, we found possible signs of dog fighting."
City ordinances say you can only have four animals.
The owners of the home weren't there when police and animal control workers picked up the animals.
They face dozens of charges.