Robbery Division Makes Dozens of Arrests

Over the past couple of months police have seen several robberies, of individuals and businesses, some even involving masked gunmen. "With this time of year the businesses stay open later, lot more money changing hands, historically we see an increase in businesses robberies," says Sgt. Kevin Crowe with the Robbery Division of the Shreveport Police Department. Anticipating the increase police warn businesses, and run a holiday operation that has officers actively looking for trouble. "We locate areas of the city where there has been an increase or just a large number of robbery related activity," says Crowe. And that has, in part, resulted in arrests that promise to cut down on robberies. "We have twenty narcotics related arrests, we've arrested ten people on outstanding warrants we have four arrests, misdemeanor type violations," says Crowe. This holiday patrol started in November, and the task force is already seeing it's hard work pay off, the Shreveport Police Department attributes the high number of arrests to the task force being able to respond immediately to the scene of a robbery. "We have a couple of cases that are very close to being closed by arrest with information we gain from witnesses that we were able to keep at the scene," says Crowe.  Police believe this holiday operation has been successful, resulting in safer shopping and neighborhoods this holiday season.