How to Tell a Fake Cop from a Real One

Being pulled over by a police officer already causes some anxious moments, but imagine if you were stopped by some flashing lights only to suspect, it was a big mistake. "We've had it happen before where someone has impersonated a police officer and they try to stop women to lure them into their car," says Kaycee Hargrave with the Shreveport Police Department. A man tells KSLA News12 it happened to him at 70th and Southern, he says the supposed officer drove a white crown vic, and identified himself as Shreveport officer Billy Long. The man says he called SPD to check on that, but they have no record of the incident. "What you're describing to me sounds like a traffic stop, but we do not have an Officer Long," says Hargrave. The caller tells us he pulled into the Raceway at 70th and Southern, and the Shreveport Police Department says that's exactly what you should do if you're suspicious, pull into a well lit, public area. And remember, no legitimate officer would hide their badge or their identification. "If you're at all uncomfortable ask for a badge, ask for a commission card, so you can see for yourself they are an officer," says Hargrave. The caller also told KSLA News 12, the man had a goatee, wore a black sweatshirt with police written on the front, the real police say if you come across an imposter report it immediately.